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Expertise & Projects

Whether you need to break ground on a new elevator site or need to swap out a bearing, we treat each site as if we're working on our own equipment.  

We bring a long history of meticulous pride in our work to every job we do, regardless of size.



The first step in any new construction project is meeting with the design team to lay out the process. Pete will meet with your team to go over your needs, wants, and expectations to ensure clear communication from day one. 



When it comes time to break ground on a new location or expand on a growing facility, trust that Thorstad Construction has the manpower, equipment, and resources to meet your needs and deadlines. 



Keeping what you already have in prime condition is our main priority, too. Our millwrights are always willing to take a look at your equipment in order to stay ahead of maintenance needs. 



When the inevitable breakdown does occur, we will do everything that we can to get your operation up and running as quickly and as safely as possible. 

Evaluate Future Needs


Even as a project is wrapping up, Thorstad Construction is aware that our clients are always thinking forward, and we want to join you there. Our Project Managers and Drafting Specialists will work with you to ensure new builds and restructures leave room to grow. 



What is next? What could be? These are questions we're constantly asking ourselves and would love to sit down with you and discuss. As our world constantly shifts and evolves, we want to be at the forefront of trying to keep an eye on both where we've been and where we could be going next. 


Volga, SD

  • 2 concrete truck dump pits

  • Steel MCC Building

  • Install Bin Foundations

  • Install Brock 105’ Diameter soybean storage bin

  • Install conveyors, sweeps, temperature monitoring equipment, towers, dust collection, spouting, gates and transitions

Barron, WI

  • Demolition and removal of 12 compartment bin

  • Furnish and install new double wall 12 compartment steel bolted bin

  • Reinstall equipment

  • Furnish and install new spouting and lines

Highmore, SD

  • Construct 105’ diameter bin and foundations

  • Construct tower foundation

  • Install tower & bridge

  • Construct GSI 105’ storage bin

  • Install aeration system, sweep, conveyors, gates, grain spreaders, and miscellaneous spouting, transitions, and gates

Bowdle, SD

  • Demo old storage

  • Construct pits, tunnels, and transfer to bulk weigher

  • Construct towers and bridges for pile system

  • Construct 72’ bin and foundation

  • Construct 105’ bin and foundation

  • Construct receiving building

  • Install dryer

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